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Organization of the Faculty

The Faculty of Mechanical in Kragujevac has four organizational units: educational-scientific, scientific-research, technical and administrative.


The educational-scientific unit is engaged in educational and scientific activities with the aim of achieving a plan and curriculum of vocational, academic and doctoral studies and all forms of research (basic, development and applied research). Educational-scientific unit consists of the Departments as basic forms of organization of teaching and scientific-research activities. The five Departments (according to formation order) are: Department for production engineering, Department for motor vehicles and motors, Department for mechanical construction and mechanization, Department for energy and process engineering and Department for applied mechanics and automatic control.


The scientific-research unit (Institute) deals with scientific, research, development, professional, educational and publishing activities in the field of mechanical engineering and produces studies, expertise, projects and other technical documentation, etc. It consists of laboratories, centres and a library.

The technical unit performs: laboratory jobs,  buildings, equipment and installations maintenance jobs, facilities security jobs, copying and photographing services and other tasks of technical nature.

The administrative unit realizes administrative tasks related to students' questions, general, legal, administrative and financial-material affairs in the field of Faculty's activities.